Business Intelligence Advisory

Companies can hire our experts to support the internal team with BI challenges.

Business Intelligence Advisory

what it is?


We can embed one of our engineers in your team to help solve your recent challenges. Our engineer will serve as an advisor – he will advise your team on what are the most efficient solutions to the given problem.   

What problems it solves?


Our advisory service helps you acquire the most crucial competencies within a short period of time. You can take advantage of our experience and avoid costly mistakes. 

What Are the benefits for your company?


Your team will learn from the experts. At the end of the partnership, your team will be independent and equipped with state-of-the-art solutions. 

Our Tech-specialization

Microsoft Excel

The most popular reporting tool. You can prepare almost any kind of the report with Microsoft Excel. We work with VBA too!

SQL databases

When Excel is no longer enough, we load the data into our SQL servers. This allows us to reprocess the data quickly and efficiently.

Microsoft PowerBI

PowerBI is Excel on steroids. It helps us create amazing dashboards and share them easily with our clients.

Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio helps us especially in the area of marketing. Thanks to it we can easily connect to Google Analytics and prepare a report from your last campaign.


We use the python programming language if we need to create something custom. We use libraries like pandas and numpy for fast data processing, and dash and plotly to create dashboards.


ETL tools are used when we need to process large amounts of data, for example to clean and prepare it for further exploration and training of ML models.

Do you want to enhance your reporting?

Leave a number, we'll get back to you to see if we can help you streamline your reporting processes.

OUR Cooperation:
model and scalability

Our model of cooperation assumes that one or more experts are embedded within your team and are advising on tools and approaches to a given problem. Our engineers will concentrate mostly on advising so that your team does things in practice and learn them very quickly. 

We will outsource you our engineers on a subscription basis. You will pay the monthly subscription fee. Depending on the selected package, our engineer will be available for you for 20, 80, or 160 hours per month. Don’t worry about sick leaves – each engineer has his backup to serve in critical situations. 

We adapt to the scale of your business. Depending on your needs, you can hire only one expert part-time to solve urgent problems. You can also select a Project Manager to lead your BI project or an Interim Head of Data to shape and lead your data strategy.

individual Engineer

Main challenge

You have a pressing data issue or you want your team to quickly get guidance on tools and approaches to a specific problem.

How we can help?

We can embed one of our experts within your team. Our engineer will serve as an independent advisor. He will put all his efforts to share his knowledge and experience. If necessary, he can also turn to our entire team for support.

Project Lead

Main challenge

You are going to conduct a project related to data or ML models and you need a person who will stand by the project keeping an eye on its cost and efficiency.

How we can help?

We can delegate one of our senior experts to lead your data project. The person in charge of your project will have broad skills in data analytics and business intelligence but also strong experience in project management.

Interim Head of Data

Main challenge

You want to build a data-driven strategy, create an internal business intelligence infrastructure, hire people, and map data career paths in your data analytics department.

How we can help?

We will delegate to you very experienced proffesional with background in business intelligence and team management.

Sales process


First free workshop - we will introduce ourselves and find out more about your needs. The meeting will take around 30 minutes.


Second meeting - on this meeting we will present our vision of the target approach. We will inform you what we need from you and what are the potential barriers.


Presenting profiles and interviews - as the next step, you will meet our experts and have chat with them to see who is the best for you.


At the end, we will make you a final offer and if the offer meets your expectations, we will sign the Service-Level-Agreement agreement.

BI Advisory - what are the costs?

The costs of our service depend on the selected number of hours and the profile seniority. The costs of our service are calculated to be profitable even for small and medium enterprises. Among our clients, there are even companies of a few people who, thanks to this service, consciously build their competitive advantage with data at an early stage of their company’s development. If you would like to know the cost of the service for your business, request a free consultation below and tell us about the situation you are trying to solve.

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