Reporting as a Service

Companies can delegate to us refreshing and maintenance of the reports, business intelligence solutions and data engineering pipelines.

reporting as a service

what it is?


Reporting as a service means that we will provide you with your reports on a scheduled basis and you will have to pay only a subscription fee. The entire effort related to the report’s production is on our side. You just enjoy the final effect.  

What problems it solves?


Our service solves the following problems: need to hire experts in the Business Intelligence space, need to maintain infrastructure, need to decide about the software, and acquire appropriate licenses. 

What Are the benefits for your company?


Thanks to our service, you receive your reports always on time. Our experts take care of the design and maintenance of your reports. Your data are securely store within our cloud infrastructure. 

Our Tech-specialization

Microsoft Excel

The most popular reporting tool. You can prepare almost any kind of the report with Microsoft Excel. We work with VBA too!

SQL databases

When Excel is no longer enough, we load the data into our SQL servers. This allows us to reprocess the data quickly and efficiently.

Microsoft PowerBI

PowerBI is Excel on steroids. It helps us create amazing dashboards and share them easily with our clients.

Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio helps us especially in the area of marketing. Thanks to it we can easily connect to Google Analytics and prepare a report from your latest campaign.


We use the Python programming language if we need to create something custom. We use libraries like pandas and numpy for fast data processing, and dash and plotly to create dashboards.


ETL tools are used when we need to process large amounts of data, for example to clean and prepare it for further exploration and training of ML models.

Do you want to enhance your reporting?

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OUR Cooperation:
model and scalability

Our model of cooperation assumes that we periodically receive raw data from your company and then turn them into reports, visualizations and infographics. We work on a subscription model – you pay a fixed monthly fee for the maintenance and preparation of the reports by us.

You can send us your data via email or upload it to our secure FTP server. Depending on your needs, reports can be delivered to you via email, FTP server or using self-service BI tools (e.g. PowerBI or Google Data Studio). If you already have a BI infrastructure, we can also connect to your environment and run processes inside your network. 

We adapt to the scale of your business. Depending on your needs, you can delegate to us only selected reports, or maintain entire reporting environments – data warehouses, data pipelines, or set of dashboards based on self-service BI tools.

individual Reports

Main challenge

You mainly use the reports built into your ERP system. However, they do not meet your new needs and you need to create additional reports in Excel.

How we can help?

You can delegate the preparation of additional reports outside of your ERP system. We will take care of data acquisition, data processing and report building.

Business Intelligence

Main challenge

Reports in the ERP system are no longer sufficient. You would like to invest in your own business intelligence infrastructure and data warehouse. However, you do not know what exactly you need and you are afraid of costs.

How we can help?

We can maintain your datawarehous and dashboards within our infrastructure. We will take care of preparing the staging area and maintaining the production data.

Data engineering

Main challenge

You have a Business Intelligence team to maintain and manage reports. However, the growing volume of data creates needs in the area of data preparation for reporting. You are looking for effective ways to prepare data for analysts.

How we can help?

We will desing and maintain data pipelines to process large amounts of data. Your BI team will receive clean datasets for further exploration.

Sales process


First free workshop - we will introduce ourselves and find out more about your needs. The meeting will take around 30 minutes.


Second meeting - on this meeting we will present our vision of the target implementation. We will inform you what we need to from you and what are the potential barriers.


Proof of concept or mockups - in certain situations, we will create proof-of-concept so that you can feel the final result.


At the end, we will make you a final offer and if the offer meets your expectations, we will sign the Service-Level-Agreement agreement.

Reporting as a service - what are the costs?

The costs of our service are calculated to be profitable even for small and medium enterprises. Among our clients, there are even companies of a few people who, thanks to this service, consciously build their competitive advantage with data at an early stage of their company’s development. If you would like to know the cost of the service for your business, request a free consultation below and tell us about the situation you are trying to solve.

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