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You can ask us any question related to reporting, business intelligence and Machine Learning engineering. Test our competence before starting cooperation.

The free workshop lasts about 30 minutes. You can use this for consultations on any topic. We always arrange a convenient time for both parties and take care of the highest quality of answers.

What questions to ask?

It is worth asking, for example:

  • Which reporting tool to choose?
  • Which reporting tool to invest in?
  • How to automate a given reporting process?
  • How to implement the ML model in production?
  • How to monitor the ML model in production?

Who do we work with most often?

As a company, we specialize in the B2B (business-to-business sales) segment. Our support works best when you want to improve reporting processes in your company, but you don’t have a team for this task yet. We specialize most strongly in the manufacturing sector, industry, logistics, marketing and in cooperation with startups.

Who will be held accountable?

As soon as you request a free consultation, our office will contact you with more details about the topic and schedule a convenient time to speak with an expert. Each call is conducted by our in-house consultant based on his full experience and knowledge. Even if the consultant doesn’t know the answer, he will consult with the full team on the topic and come back with the answer.

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